2021 CIO Priorities Report

Christine Dunbar
December 5, 2020

Drive enterprise resilience in uncertain times

The year 2020 provided more challenges for IT departments than any year that came before. The year started at a breakneck pace as perpetually understaffed IT workforces fought to keep the lights on, push through new projects, and transform with emerging technologies and emergent business opportunities. Before long, it became an exercise to support work-from-home, microphones, cameras, and lighting!

The theme for CIOs in 2021 is “resilience”. For the most, the pressure to experiment with blockchain and the Internet of Things was replaced with the pressure to be ready for something that is not yet defined. But despite the lack of confidence on knowing specifically what is to come, most will admit they don’t feel ready for it yet.

The year 2021 is a good time to develop resilience by creating a reserve of capital in several different areas. Financial capital is the most obvious area – be ready to respond to threats and leverage opportunities as we understand more about the economic dislocations of 2020.

If we can think of capital as the preservation of assets and capabilities to be used later, 2021 invites the CIO to develop resilience with financial capital, material capital, human capital, and change capital while keeping emerging technologies in view.

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