2021 IT Talent Trend Report

Christine Dunbar
January 28, 2021

2020 volatility forced IT leaders to change the ways of work and how they manage talent

In March 2020, many organizations were forced to switch to a virtual working world. IT enabled organizations to be successful while working from home. Ultimately, this shift changed the way that we all work and in turn, the way IT leaders manage talent. Many organizations are considering long-term remote work (Kelly, 2020).

In addition, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become a greater priority for organizations as a result of events related to social justice inequities. This has broadened the awareness worldwide about subjects like, but not limited to, anti-Black racism and has pushed organizations to show their DEI efforts (Chan & DiMauro, 2020).

Due to the shift in the way we work, there have been changes in the IT department. What are we seeing now and what can we expect for the IT talent of the future?

Pandemic changes force leaders to “get” positive impact of employee experience.

And a good employee experience is what’s best for the IT department
Right now, IT departments are becoming more aware of employee needs and their overall experience at work. Largely, organizations are focused on the impact of the pandemic on the employee experience. We anticipate that this awareness will prepare IT departments to thrive moving forward through to a post-pandemic world.

Change is starting but is lagging. The data shows IT is changing in the area of talent management. IT has a large role in enabling organizations to work from home, especially from a technological and logistics perspective. There is evidence to show that they are now migrating to also expanding their role to better support employees when working from home. Survey respondents identified efforts already underway for IT to improve employee experience, and subsequently, IT effectiveness.

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