Data Management and Analytics: Why is it important?

Data management is the practice of managing data as a valuable resource to reveal its potential to an organization. Our modern environment has an enormous volume of data in various types and sources. The need to process this data is expanding and the urgency to manage the data has never been higher. Quality and organized data can be the foundation for decision makers as they lead their organization. Core data management and analytics support can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Data Access: Simple access to traditional and emerging data sources creates actionable information glossaries for stakeholders.
  • Data Integration: The blend of various data sources to reveal insights to complex problems singular data sets would not expose.
  • Data Quality: Poor data can lead to decisions made from false information. A standardized approach to data quality can also manage risk for leaders.
  • Data Governance: Federal and commercial environments require data consistency. Data governance frameworks can provide a structured approach for maintaining data and can help align the information to strategy.
  • Data Preparation: Preparing data for analysis is a crucial step for high productivity and agility. Data preparation tools can deliver clean and actionable data for analysts and decision makers to build strategy off.

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