From The Daily Record: Why is TikTok Banned From Baltimore and Other Government Devices?

Christine Dunbar
February 14, 2023

ROCIMG CEO, Christine Dunbar, was recently interviewed as part of an article by Maryland’s The Daily Record.

The article looked at the recent ban of TikTok on all Baltimore City devices. Part of a number of state and local governments to ban the social media platform.

In the lead-up to Baltimore’s ban, FBI director Christopher Wray testified during a House Homeland Security Committee that the federal agency has ‘national security concerns about TikTok’s U.S. operations.

Christine commented “One of the things that all of us who operate in this particular industry have to deal with and recognize is that the threats that we faced yesterday are different from the threats that we face today,” she said. “We are constantly evolving to deal with what is being presented before us. We are always looking out for ways to combat emerging threats.”

We always suggest that business owners and organization leaders need to look closely at their cybersecurity practices, examine the potential risks and understand their customer and/or user base.

You can read the full article here –

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