CPIC, Advisory Services, Alternatives Analysis


EPA’s Office of Environmental Information is responsible for the Central Data Exchange (CDX) Program. The Program was in need of Capital Planning support services to ensure compliance with EPA CPIC and OMB requirements and guidelines, leverage the eCPIC tool capability to effectively assess and improve on the financial health of the CDX portfolio, and perform routine and ad-hoc financial reporting and analysis to effectively allocate and justify budgetary needs and reduce overall cost.

Core Services

  • Business Case Development
  • Budget and Financial Management
  • Opportunities Analysis
  • Data Security and Integrity
  • Data Submission/Exchange/Distribution
  • Data Validation
  • Metrics Collection
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Submission/Process Workflow Management
  • Client Support


  • Established a baseline for the CDX investment portfolio
  • Formulated, managed, and maintained CDX portfolio of programs and projects
  • Ensured compliance with legislative mandates
  • Established, tracked, and maintained project performance metrics throughout the CPIC lifecycle
  • Used agile approach to respond to changing priorities
  • Utilized existing tools
  • Developed new financial reports including trend analysis

Brilliant Outcome Resulted in a Long-term Cooperation


  • Developed exemplar OMB EX 300 artifacts that are shared by the agency CPIC team with other program offices
  • CDX continued to receive funding and received a green rating from OMB
  • Technology risks were identified, managed, and mitigated
  • New mappings to simplify and report spend were swiftly implemented
  • New trend reports were developed to support decision making
  • Organizational costs were contained due to the reduction in information processing time
  • Additional Program Offices gained efficiencies by reducing the amount of manual processing and the cost per transaction, through the sharing of ROI information

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