How can I operationalize a strategic plan?

A strategic plan must identify where the organization has been, where it is going, and what to expect when the organization attains the vision. Once leadership’s vision has been identified the pillars of a strategic plan must be developed and operationalized. Leadership cannot spend valuable time operationalizing their vision, their time must be focused on leading the organization through the process. Operationalizing a strategic plan can be approached in the following steps:

  1. Set objectives for the organization as a whole
  2. Gather information about current state of operating teams and stakeholders
  3. Set goals with, and for the operating teams of the organization
  4. Develop specific strategies to execute against goals
  5. Create metrics to measure success of strategies and progress towards goals

Please reach out to our specialist to know how your organization can re-think strategic planning or to assess if it is currently designed to address future requirements!