Managing corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in a Pandemic world

This is the first time in modern history that we are faced with a truly global pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has positioned organizations, nations, and people in an entirely new predicament impacting both their professional and personal lives. Given the sheer scale and suddenness of this challenge, organizations have to now reimagine how they conceive of business operations in an era of pandemic-like disruptions and take bold steps to be better prepared for the future. With years of experience in helping organizations streamline business compliance and security, ROCIMG’s GRC practice comes with a suite of solutions that can help businesses mitigate global threats and move toward a holistic business transformation. We believe that to truly thrive in this volatile and unpredictable world, organizations need to equip themselves with the right technological solutions and focus intently on the following areas:

  • Business Continuity Management Program
  • Third-party Risk Management
  • Cyber Risk Program
  • Privacy and Personal Data Management

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