Cybersecurity Maturity/ISO 27001:2013


The COO and CIO in an American Law 100 firm with over 600 attorneys in 9 geographically dispersed offices required an Assessment and Roadmap to assist the firm in attaining ISO 27001:2013 Certification. Specific services included conducting an ISO Gap Analysis, developing recommendations, developing staff and executives briefings, developing a roadmap for attaining ISO and maturing security practices, and advising on the design of a PMO to oversee the effort.

Core Services

  • Cybersecurity Standards and Best Practices
  • Compliance Frameworks, Controls and Processes
  • ISO 27001 Controls Assessment
  • Audit and Risk Analysis


  • Developed a project orientation briefing and ISO primer
  • Developed an assessment instrument that was tailored for the firm’s environment
  • Conducted interviews with legal, technology, human resource, physical security, cybersecurity, accounting, finance and C-level personnel; also reviewed documentation and applications used across the firm
  • Developed a maturity rating scale as well as a rating for each ISO Clause and Sub-clause
  • Discussed changes with Senior Leaders for their consideration
  • Developed Recommendations and a detailed Roadmap for the firm to attain ISO certification and evolve its security practices

Brilliant Outcome Resulted in a Long-term Cooperation


  • The firm was able to evolve its security governance practices
  • The cybersecurity team was able to identify areas for improvement and commence investments in personnel and policies to evolve the firm’s security posture
  • The firm is in the process of developing the requisite policies in preparation for ISO certification

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