Government Purchase Card Program Assessment


The leadership for USDA’s charge card program, which has an annual spend of over $375M and over 13,000 cardholders, required an assessment and recommendations to support Business Process Improvements in response to an Audit Report and leadership directives. Specific services included conducting an assessment of processes, policies, documentation, and practices within the organization, developing findings and recommendations for improvement, and implementing improvements in policy, operations, management and training.

Core Services

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Facilitation
  • Assessment of Policies/Processes/Documentation
  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Training and Guidance


  • Developed an Assessment Toolkit
  • Conducted interviews with the GSA SmartPay Leadership, Senior Procurement Executive and Assistant, Division Chiefs, Agency Coordinators, Cardholders, Approving Officials and other stakeholders
  • Documented Findings and developed Recommendations for improving the program
  • Implemented priority recommendations

Brilliant Outcome Resulted in a Long-term Cooperation


  • The Department was able to demonstrate significant progress in responding to the Audit Findings
  • A new organizational structure along with critical areas of expertise, roles, and responsibilities was recommended and is being adapted and implemented by the government
  • The implemented plan was approved; Policy, Operations, Management, and Training recommendations are being implemented; deliverables include:
    • OMB Circular A-123, Internal Controls and Risk Management Plan
    • Program Management Plan
  • Updated Training and Guidance Documents

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