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Our teams include professionals who have seen many implementations and have strong pattern-recognition skills.

ROCIMG's Leadership and Senior Management Brings a Passion for Achieving Results

Christine Dunbar


Amy Hill

Human Resources

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CEO and Peer Board of Advisors

Message From Our Founder & CEO

  • Christine Dunbar


    Our clients entrust us with multi-year projects because they know we will deliver excellent work that brings a fresh perspective to their most challenging issues.

    We believe in listening to our clients and facilitating robust dialogue to learn the full picture of the project from multiple perspectives. We craft solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs, emphasizing a robust process that engages the correct stakeholders throughout the project so that once it’s complete, our clients can continue to manage it successfully.

    Our teams have extensive experience, credentials and expertise with regulations in countries around the world. Most importantly, we bring quality, integrity and thoughtfulness to our work that enables us to truly be a partner in navigating mission critical challenges and delivering results.

Our team consists of industry professionals who work to ensure the success of organizational transformation. Many of our consultants have facilitated or led major organizational change products across several industry sectors. Our teams include professionals who have seen many implementations and have strong pattern-recognition skills. This pattern-recognition skill enables us to proactively recommend changes or affirm the current course of action so that our client’s goals are accomplished, and the new operating model is sustained.

Our teams work to identify problems and deliver results that will positively transform your company based on your vision and goals. We are dedicated to putting our clients first and developing meaningful relationships with them during the process.

We conduct business by adhering to the ROCIMGWay, consisting of the following values and ideals:

  • Client satisfaction is central to our business success
  • We are a people-oriented group where staff are encouraged and supported to grow to their full potential
  • We do everything with integrity and on the basis of mutual trust and respect
  • We have a passion for excellence and innovation
  • We deliver and keep our promises
  • We are ambitious and committed to growing our business and expanding globally
  • We are socially responsible
  • We add value in everything we do
  • We encourage teamwork and fun in our business

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