Project & Program Management

Organizations are faced with managing multiple simultaneous projects, Project Managers are struggling to deliver on highly integrated projects and stakeholders are confused about the status of these projects. Our solutions will transform your project and program management processes to ensure benefits realization.

There’s a Reason So Many Companies Trust ROCIMG With Their Project & Program Management…

  • Organizations underestimate the value that a unifying process/framework will have across numerous related projects
  • Business needs and goals are always changing and organizations need to be able to adapt.
  • You may not realize that there are overlaps or gaps between your projects. You can use program management to fill these gaps and start to maximize the benefits of your projects and improve delivery.
  • Projects are investments to further goals and programs, and program managers can mitigate risks to protect those investments
  • Although programs can really optimize a portfolio, it is important to remember that they require additional overhead and starting too many at one time could impede desired results. It is best to build programs one at a time, and only if it makes sense to do so.

How Do We Do That? – We Will Work with You to Help You…

  • Design a Program Management Office (PMO)

  • Develop Tools and Procedures for the PMO

  • Implement and Operate the PMO

  • Train Staff on Project Operations

  • Align stakeholders, projects, and programs within your portfolio.

  • Find out if the delivery of related projects could be optimized to align to higher organizational goals

  • Analyze your current processes and determine whether your projects align with strategic or operational goals

  • Ensure that that anticipated strategic benefits are not lost through changes within individual project delivery

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